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Hi, got here via the IMBB? aggregator. I think I will like those lemon cookies.

Condolences on your grandmother's passing. Thank you for sharing her beautiful story. I'm sure your grandfather and your family have many good memories to remember her by.


Hey Pam, been thinking about you all week and your post was really nice--sounds like a lot of reminiscing went on and I hope your Grandfather is doing okay. Hope everyone is doing okay.

Good timing on the lemon cookie recipe as I've got two boxes of YUCKY Girl Scout Lemon cookies in my pantry that are just not good at all!

Take care!



Thanks for stopping in, and for the kind words. I checked out your blog as well, and bookmarked it. Looks like some great recipes there.

:) Pam



Thanks for thinking of us, everyone is doing well. I have to laugh about the girl scout cookies though, I've been eating them non-stop myself, especially the animal cracker shortbread w/chocolate. Oh, and those lemon ones don't compare to these, you're right on that. This recipe is really fast and easy too.


linda bressi

looking for a recipe for saviardi cookies. can you help

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