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Oh, my gosh...I do exactly the opposite. There's something about a baked potato with butter and sour cream oozing out the sides that makes me go weak...even when I have a yummy piece of fish or some grilled chicken or what have you. And then, I always feel bad that I ate too much of the potato when I had all this other yummy stuff on my plate. You're right, though...your way of doing it makes much more sense! = )


Yes, they are amazingly good. I used to always indulge, but now that I have to avoid the sour cream, it's just not the same. Probably should have mentioned that in the post. It's why I fell in love with the Greek Yogurt, it gives me my 'sour cream' fix. It's a bit ironic that someone who loves cheese as much as I do, should suddenly be extremely lactose intolerant! :)


Hi Pam! I love the recipe for pressed potatoes. I'll have to try it. I also love yogurt on baked potatoes. I discovered this years ago, when I first started temping. Another temp recommended to me as a substitute for sour cream. I've never tried it with Greek yoghurt however. A-1 Steak Sauce is also good on a baked potato.


Hi Elizabeth! I've never tried A-1 on a potato, will have to check that out.



Leftover lobster? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

(Trust me, you don't truly miss lobster until you move to the West Coast. I think my parents like to torment me by telling me they went to the fish store.)


Yes, it is. I rarely have left over lobster in my house. You have something great on the West Coast though, Dungeoness Crab. My brother lives in Seattle and introduced me to it on a visit, and I was blown away. It's so sweet, and just as good, if not better than lobster. :)

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