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Marley Gibson

Curious...does this place use Maine lobster in their rolls...or Cape or Bay lobsters from Massachusetts? The picture makes me drool! It's been a long time since I've had a good lobster roll. = )


Good question. I'm honestly not sure. I know when they are available, they'll always use local.


Pam, you've just hit on one of my very favorite foods, the Lobster Roll. I've been dying to hit Mary's Fish Camp, and the Pearl Oyster Bar here in New York for one, and I haven't quite made it yet. I will say that the Lobster Roll at McCormick and Schmick here is not bad, and the Mermaid Inn has a really good one as well. Of course they aren't as cheap as they are on Cape Cod. Here in New York, you're looking at spending at least $12-$20 on one in a restaurant. Or you can make it yourself, which I may have to do tonight. Whole Foods here I come.


Hi Elizabeth!

Whole foods is a good idea. I actually just gave in and got one again for lunch today. Though the diet just started, so I skipped the fries.

:) Pam


It may sound like sacrilege, but during the summer when Stop & Shop runs their lobster roll special (3 for $10.00 or something ridiculous like that) we pick them up on a regular basis. Not like eating in a clam shack, but they're pretty darned good, and no filler :~).


Hi Adele!

My grandfather loves the Stop and Shop lobster rolls too. And I'll even admit that I've had the one from D'Angelo's, which I KNOW can't be fresh lobster, but in a pinch, it's not bad!

:) Pam


Last summer, my family went on a road trip through New England. I had several Lobster Rolls from New Hampshire, to Massachusetts to ME and my favorite, by far, was the one I had at the Lobster Pot on Cape Porpoise, near Kennebunkport, full of lobster and just delicious.

A Lobster Roll, though, is easy to mess up and I had a couple of lousy ones too. One at a shack near one of the lakes in NH. Bad news but for $8 it wasn't bad. It just had less fresh lobster and a bit of fake blended in. I could tell it was there but it couldn't hold a candle to the one in the Lobster Pot.

When I came home, I still had a bad urge for more so I created my own and I have to say, it was great. I bought the correct kind of rolls (Pepperidge Farm) and I bought some lobster tails. They came out amazingly good. i followed the recipe from a book from ME.

Anyway, they are one of my favorite foods. From teenage summers in New England. The one thing I was surprised by was the price - I paid upwards to $18 for one! Wow. When I was a teen, they were so cheap. Yikes. Inflation.


Hi Risa,

I bet they're great in Kennebunkport. I haven't been there in years, when I was too small to remember. I will have to get back there again, and check out a real Maine lobster roll.

:) Pam

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