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Wow, these look great. I have some ground turkey I need to use up too.

Culinary Fool

These look really great, Pam! Isn't it amazing how something like this can chase the fog and chill away? I love that!

~ B


Yes! and it looks like it worked too. I made them again yesterday, during thunderstorms, and today, finally the sun is shining.

I actually made them this time using portugese sweetbread for half of the crumbs, and it added a great, sweet flavor that worked well with the Cumin.



Pam, those meatballs are beautiful! Cumin, cinnamon, and basil--what an inventive and delicious-sounding combination! You've taken Doron's meatballs to the next level...


Thanks Molly! I still want to try Doron's though, they sounded great, with the pinenuts and raisins.



please post something new. i'm tired of looking at your meatballs. ;-)


These look great, Pam. I'm adding them to my dinner "to-do" list!

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