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Good going Pam! I wish I could get on that no sugar, no white flour plan. Just knowing the cravings go away in a couple days is incredible! Glad to see you're back to blogging. I have always enjoyed efoodie! Stay well! Steph


I am reading my way through all the bloggers who are part of Food Blog S'Cool and I came to your site. Good luck with the new diet. It sounds very similar to the South Beach Diet which I have followed for more than a year and lost 35 pounds on. I'm completely committed ot eating that way for the rest of my life. I have found that I can still eat an amazing variety of good foods, and my diet is nothing like the sterotypical "low carb" way of eating that people associate with Atkins.


Thanks Steph! Yes, it's tough at first, but I've been very good. Although, I did slip a bit over the weekend, a few glasses of wine, and today, a 'brownie bite'. My local Stop & Shop has these tiny brownies that come in a plastic container called 'bucket of brownies'. They are basically a bite, but they're soooo good, moist and chewy. Totally satisfied the sugar/chocolate cravings, which I didnt' have until I got to my writers meeting today, and there was chocolate/brownies/junk everywhere.

:) Pam



Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the diet is very similar to the South Beach Diet. Emphasis on fresh vegetables, low fat and even organic meats and seafood. And you're right, it's really a lifestyle change rather than a 'diet'. Though I'm not going to stay on it this strictly for long, I will add in some 'forbidden' foods, but I like the way I feel eating less bread and starchy carbs.

Congrats on losing 35 pounds! That's wonderful. I've lost 6 or so, and hope it will continue.

:) Pam

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