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Wow - I've actually been wondering if this would work, I would have thought the George Foreman Grill wouldn't be heavy enough to really smoosh it together enough. This is great!

Alternatively, you can use a cast iron grill pan - Lodge (the cast iron pan people) make a HEAVY cast iron lid. Heat up your grill pan, pop in your sandwich and cover with the lid. Flip. Awesome, and the set-up cost me about $25 - more money, but I wouldn't give up my grill pan for anything in the world.

Manic Mom

How timely! I actually ASKED my MIL to get me a GF grill for Xmas!!! I can't wait to make Panini sandwiches in it.

Hope you are doing well,



The secret is you just smoosh the cover down a bit, so you get it at exactly the amount of press you want. Your grill pan sounds great too!


Hi Steph,

Nice to hear from you! Hope your get your George for X-Mas!

:) Pam


i really like your blog and wish you'd update it more often. your a good food writer.


Thanks Denise! I do hope to post more often in 2006.

:) Pam

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