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Good luck, Pam! I just went back to WW last week--I lost 100+ lbs on the program about a decade ago, and managed to gain back a bunch recently. It definitely works, if you're willing to stick to it--that's the only hard part!


Thanks Debbie! That's great that it worked so well for you. I did it over ten years ago too, before their new points system, and it's really the only diet that has ever worked for me.

:) Pam


why did u throw the sandwich out? why didnt't u just keep the other half and have it another day?



If I'd gotten the fried sandwich, I would have saved it. But the grilled one just wasn't good enough to want to eat again.

:) Pam


Happy New Year Pam! I've been a lifetime member on WW for a few years, and have found my weight SLLOOOWWWLY (okay, quickly) climbing back up so I'm back on the points. I had lost 60 lbs. If you want snacky ideas, or some support drop me an email. One great filler is a bag of Orville Red. Smart Pop 94% FF popcorn--you can eat the whole bag for like two points. That's usually a great 3 o'clock snack!

Good to see your blogging!


Hi Steph! Happy New Year! 60 pounds! That is awesome. I love hearing that. My first few days were the hardest. But, it's doable. I even had a great 'cheat day' on Saturday, complete with wine, cheese and crackers, even pecan pie. And it was all 'legal'...thanks to those 35 extra weekly points. Thanks for the headsup on the popcorn, I will check that out. I'm always hungry around 3.

:) Pam


I second the recommendation of Orville R's 94% FF popcorn. I have at least one single-serving mini-bag every single afternoon at around 2PM. I have always *loved* popcorn, so this always feels like a major treat.

And I think having a "cheat" day is key. One of the things I love about WW is that nothing's off limits...so you're not fighting who you are as an eater, as well as those initial hunger pangs and the cravings and all the other baggage... If I couldn't have pizza and ice cream, I wouldn't have succeeded.

Katy, who lost 60+ lbs. on WW and who has managed to keep it off for 15 months


Katy! I had no idea it was WW that you were on. That is great. And you look amazing. Now I can't picture you as any way other than tiny!

:) Pam


Hi, Last year I lost around 45 lbs doing WW and have added the dreaded holiday weight - putting back 15 of those oh-so-hard to lose, but oh-so-easy to gain back lbs.
I still hadn't reached my goal, but was pretty close to it. So, this is my dilemna, I have severe TMJ (TMD now) that is causing my popcorn snacking to be only twice a week or I'm paying for it in the pain dept. I'm looking for other low point snack foods that are easy to fix and won't weigh me down before bed time. With a 2 year old, I tend to watch all my shows after she's gone to bed (thank goodness for TIVO) and snack throughout. Any snacking tips or recipes would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I'm more of a salty snacker than a sweet snacker. Thanks!!


We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thanks :)

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