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  • NatDecants
    Great articles and wine information. Also has a free monthly newsletter.
  • The Frugal Oenophile
    Focuses on good, inexpensive wines, has educational articles.
  • Laure Dixon
    Lessons in wine and food from a certified connoisseur.

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Hi, Pam :-D I finally got to your blog and what a beautiful job you've done! Great writing, and FOOD! Fabulous! I'll be checking back in regularly...


Oh! And big congrats on the weight loss. Over the past year and a half I've dropped about 35 pounds and am back in a 4! I'd like to drop another 10 and get back to a 2, but I think I'm coming to the conclusion that a size 2 might be best left with my 18 year old self :-D 36 year old self likes wine too much...

Keep going!


Thanks Kristy! And congrats on your weight loss...a size 4, I am envious. I was once a 4, for a very brief time, many years ago, when I exercised every day. Now I'm thrilled to squeeze into an 8. But, I'm still chasing after a 6. I've lost about 8 pounds so far and have hit a slow point....probably due to increased wine and food consumption, and weekends like this last one.

:) Pam

Manic Mom

Hey Pam, the pancakes sound scrumptious, but I've got an easier recipe--a great family secret--Hungry Jack Light and Fluffy--Just add water! Oh, and chocolate chips! My favorite combo--choc. chip pancakes and a diet coke--for dinner! Sunday night in fact!

Broken Foot Hobbling Friend

For the record...I never said a CUP of oil. = ) My mother always had a quarter cup of oil to use for the skillet, that was my confusion. Besides, I claim pain medication as my excuse. LOL!!


Ha! Too funny. I think I just heard a cup 'cuz I still had the cake and brownie recipes on my mind.

:) Pam

Term Papers

Your post is entertaining to read and to the point.

Eating Like A King

Can't wait to try these pancakes. They will be perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.


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