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Elizabeth K. Mahon

Hi Pam! Thanks for sharing memories of your mom. I too have a hard time with Mother's Day even though I lost my mother to lung cancer almost seventeen years ago. You Mom sounds like a really wonderful woman, and I'm glad that you got to spend so much time with her before she passed.


Hi Elizabeth!

Thank you. I'm sorry to hear that your Mom had lung cancer too. It is way too common it seems. At least we have our happy memories.

:) Pam


What a lovely story. My family shares much of its history through food, so I appreciated your rich descriptions. Your mom sounds like a great woman.


Hi Marcy,

Thanks for stopping by, and for the nice comments.

:) Pam


Coming in late ... I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful tribute to your mom. Sounds like she was a great lady. :)

Sarah Claughton Miller

Pam, I just read parts of your Mother's Day entry, and had to stop becasue I was just crying. I know you miss her very much. When I found your blog, I laughed to myself, because I don't know one Claughton that does not love good, or let's face it, almost any type of food. I hope you check your comments, I'd love to hear more about how you are doing. :) Your cousin, Sarah Claughton Miller


Hey Sarah!

Too cool that you found my little blog. Yes, I can't think of any Claughton's who aren't a bit food obsessed. I still crave Nana's raviolis, mine are ok, but never as good as the memory.

:) Pam

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