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Manic Mom

OMG, that sounds AWESOME! I love chick peas! I'm back at WW, and lost 3.8 the first week. I wrote down EVERY SINGLE THING I ATE. That's all I needed to do. It's tough though when social events come calling!



CONGRATS!!! That is a seriously wonderful first week. Good for you! Writing it down is key, it's a real eye-opener. I had no idea how much I was really eating until I did this.

For social events, those 35 extra points come in handy. When I was tracking faithfully, I'd be really good during the week and depend on those points for weekend events.

:) Pam


I haven't tried the recipe for the Roasted Chick peas yet, but I just want to let you know that Rachel Ray has a similar recipe in the August issue of her magazine, she tosses her chick peas with some roasted tomatoes. It all sounds great, your recipe and hers.


Hi Heather,

Thanks! It is really good, and you can vary the spices too. Adding the tomatoes sounds interesting, that would make it more of a side dish than finger food. I'll have to check that recipe out. I saw her first issue, but haven't seen this one yet.

:) Pam


Hehehhe, I'm not sure I've ever had chick peas before. But I do think I've heard they are good for you. Maybe I'll get some and try them out on the family :D


Yummy blog you got there! I enjoyed hopping through it!

Devon Ellington

Chickpeas are so good for you, and yet, I hardly ever eat them. Here's hoping your recipe inspires me!


I have only used chickpeas in salads, but these sound like a great snack way to get them in my diet in other ways.

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Instant Performer

I also like chick peas.


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That sounds delicious and healthy as a snack! Thanks a lot for the tip!


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Oh this sounds delicious! I love chick peas AKA garbanzo beans... :-D


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